The Great Canadian EDM Summer Festival Guide 2014

Welcome to The Great Canadian EDM Summer Festival of 2014 - the first ever guide of its kind that covers electronic dance music festivals in Canada. This is the most comprehensive guide on all things EDM and festivals, bringing extensive coverage of festivals from coast to coast.

Festivals have become a full-on cultural phenomena uniting a generation that have all become obsessed with electronic dance music. As more festivals pop up in Canada, it's hard as a fan to keep track of what's out there, who's playing, and where. EDM Canada has sought to alleviate this problem by creating a one-stop information source for all EDM festivals that will happen this summer. 

In this guide you'll learn the basics (Who, What, When, Where, and How Much), as well as an overview of why you should attend each one, which acts you should see, and more. I've taken great care in this first ever guide of its kind to promote artists that have gone through the effort to create new music for fans this year. You deserve the best value for your hard earned dollars, so I've tried to steer you towards artists that are worthy of your attention.

Summer festivals are a time for musical discoveries, to party with your friends, to take your mind away from your everyday life and just let go. If you find this guide informative and serves to help you get a better festival experience, then I have succeeded.

In this first ever Great Canadian EDM Summer Festival Guide, you'll find 22 different festival profiles from across the nation, each one with its own flavour. So go ahead and explore. Who knows, maybe you'll end up taking a few more road trips this summer than anticipated or create a new bucket list for 2015! 

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