The 403DNBBQ Weekender 2014

Basic Info

When: From Friday, June 20th until Saturday, June 21st, 2014. 


Where: Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino, 888 Nakoda Way, Morley, AB

Time: 9:00 pm - 6:00 am on Friday, June 20th; 12:00 pm - 6:00 am on Saturday, June 21st. 

Age: 18+

Overview: The 403DNBBQ Weekender is the only multi-day drum and bass festival in Canada. Organized by the Calgary 403DnB crew, this year's festival features 7 international artists and 29 national/local acts. These guys know drum and bass, so go ahead and immerse yourself deep into the DnB scene for a weekend of camping, BBQ, and good times. 

Note: Attendees will have full access to the hotel, casino, restaurants, and all other resort amenities during the 2-day event. 

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Why you should go 

The 403DNBBQ is the only one of its kind in Canada, and one that you cannot miss if you're a true DnB fan living anywhere near Calgary. Featuring two of the biggest tastemakers in drum and bass in the world, BBC's own Friction and Crissy Criss, you better believe that the freshest DnB tracks will be dropped. The 403 DnB crew always brings the biggest names in DnB to Calgary, and this upcoming festival only solidifies their position as one of the most important DnB promoters in Canada. If you're a drum and bass head, then there isn't really anywhere else you'd rather be on the first weekend of the summer than in Alberta for this massive.  

Acts to watch (If you want to hear new music) 

Friction: Shogun Audio boss and BBC Radio 1 drum and bass host Friction is always a name to look out for. With a new collaborative EP due out soon on Shogun, Friction is as busy as ever as we head to the summer festival season. His weekly BBC radio show makes him one of the premiere DnB tastemakers in the world, which will pretty much guarantee that he'll play some of the freshest unreleased tracks ready at the helm to be unleashed upon the 403DNBBQ crowd. 

Crissy Criss: This 25 year old U.K artist has been rocking fresh drum and bass every Wednesday night on the BBC 1 Xtra ever since he was 17. Even though we all heard the unfortunate news that the last Crissy Criss show is set to end on August 17th, 2014 - that doesn't mean the end of the journey. If anything, this means a re-imagining of his career, which will undoubtedly mean more touring and focusing all energies towards that endeavour. Expect renewed energy, a boat load of cutting edge DnB during his set, as Crissy Criss's new chapter is only getting started. 

Full lineup 

  • Friction, DJ Hype, Crissy Criss, Phantasy, Marcus Visionary, Cotesy, Big Worm, Obscene, Fever, Spiral Architects, Slim Pickins, Proph, DJ Cain, Deeps, JF Killah, Carbon Copy, Logo, Openend, Wadjit, Deadnought, Mittz, Distinct, N8, Strange Manner, Guru, Boondoc, Jon Void, Two Timer, Jedi Cheek (Hosted by Harry Shotta). MCs MC 3P Oh, Gravity, MC Armanni Reign

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