Why we're all chanting "EDX!" in the dark - NOIR event review inside Rebel (18/11/2017)


The 1 year anniversary/birthday celebration of Rebel Toronto was under way as EDX took to the stage inside the NOIR room. EDX’s dedicated fans enjoyed the lavish yet intimate set up in the NOIR room, which was subtly lit red by a gorgeous central chandelier in the center of the room.

The room was filled with many enthusiastic EDX fans as they danced and clapped along with EDX throughout his set. Spontaneously screaming and chanting “EDX! EDX!” from time to time. 


The transitions were very smooth as the experienced DJ read the room. The set was filled with steady house beats with a few lyrical tracks thrown in just at the right times. Out of the lyrical tracks, his tracks like “We can’t give up” and “Voyage” were of the many well known and well received.

He really knew how to use the element of suspense in the tracks chosen to keep the crowd in anticipation. A great example of this was when he transitioned in and out of “Trailblazer” by Nora En Pure. The crowd was really tuned in with anticipation, almost saying “I don’t know what’s coming next but I’m ready and excited!” Heavy bass remixes of hits like “Selfish” by Fixon (Keith Carnal Remix) kept the crowd in the moment as they were all very friendly with eachother, dancing in and out of different groups. He himself also kept dancing, excitedly clapping and doing spins in the booth as well as reaching his hands out towards the crowd.


His simple but geometrically designed visuals which featured “EDX” and “NO XCUSES” were the focal point in the room, giving everyone a reason to get a closer look and also get a little closer to party with the man himself. The people who ventured up to the front of the room were able to interact with him, take a few pictures and bask in the happy vibes up at the booth.

The room was filled with dancing fans all the way till the end of his set where he finished off strong with “Lefty” by Monstergetdown.

With such a great vibe in the room, it felt like we were all invited to an intimate house party at EDX’s house and there really were NO XCUSES to not enjoy the night with EDX. 


Written by Sinejan Ozaydemir, follow her on Twitter or Instagram