Listen to Bro Safari's live set from Life In Color from New York

Bro Safari is one of the best DJs within the bass/trap scene and it's only right to showcase one of his recent live sets. This one was played at the recent Life In Color event in New York, here are some notes Bro Safari himself: 

I haven't posted a live set in way too long! Here's my set from last weekend at Life In Color NYNJ w/ MC Sharpness! I've been playing some form of this set for a little while now, so I'm going to retire all of it anyway. I may as well post it up as a free download, right? As always, thanks so much for the love and support!!! <3 - BroSaf

Why Noisia Radio is a must-hear for drum and bass fans

Noisia Radio is only on its 2nd episode but it's already becoming my go-to radio show of choice. Why you ask? It's all about personalization and engagement. This legendary drum and bass trio from the Netherlands takes the time to give commentary and opinions on every track played.

This is no small feat for major artists who usually don't have or take the time to make their radio shows great. It's still early days and maybe after episode 50 these guys might disengage a bit (please don't), but as of right now Noisia Radio is an absolutely must-listen for anyone who loves drum and bass or bass music in general, check it out: 

Noisia gave a special shout out to the experimental bass artist Losi from Vancouver by dropping the track "Boem": 

Flume releases a brand new remix and it's fire

Flume proves once again that he's one of the most talented producers on the planet by creating another winning remix. This time he decided to remix the Australian duo Collarbones, who also happen to be his friends. The track is called "Turning", and you need to listen how Flume takes it up another few notches - check it out: