Listen and download the latest mix by Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead never ever disappoints when it comes to making mixes as they always manage to make it dynamic with diverse genre representation and more than a few surprises. This mix made for the Mad Decent Block Party is no exception as this Toronto duo brings together an impressive tracklist in this hour long mix: 

To download this mix, click here.

If you want to see Zeds Dead live, they'll be playing in Toronto on Sunday, December 20th at the Koolhaus, click here for more information

Pioneer sells DJ equipment business to equity firm

The end of an era is upon us as Pioneer has sold it's DJ equipment business to the private equity firm KKR for "approximately $551 million". Pioneer will still retain around a 15% stake in the new venture as the new holding company will continue to use the Pioneer DJ name and branding.

As Electronista reports: 

"Reuters states that the DJ business is a lucrative one according to figures from Pioneer press briefing on the matter. According to CEO and President Susumu Kotani, Pioneer's DJ line holds a 60-percent market share with an operating margin of 20 percent on $239 million (¥26 billion) in sales last fiscal year. 

"We realized we wouldn't be able to invest in the DJ business so it would be better to spin it off and grow it independently," said Kotani."

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EDM is an umbrella term

Magnetic Mag posted this about electronic dance music (EDM) in a recent post and this is how this site also views the term that has, in my opinion, garnered an unfair amount of negativity: 

EDM – it is an acronym for an umbrella term: Electronic Dance Music.  That is all.  It is not a sub genre. The usage of the term goes all the way back to the 1990s (even the respected Resident Advisor has used “electronic dance music” to describe the sound evolving out of 1980s Chicago), but it has become more popular as of late as the boom reaches critical mass.  So when the bro yells “it’s not EDM, bro” or when the hipster snidely remarks “I don’t listen to EDM, only house and minimal-gabber-tech” they are both doing it wrong.  We agree, it should be used sparingly when talking about the culture as a whole.  While house music falls under the term “EDM”,  if you’re talking specifically about house music, refer to it as house music.  If we all take the time to know and educate each other on the history of the genres, EDM will no longer be an issue. (Click here to read the full story)

EDM is an umbrella term to include the underground and mainstream music sub-genres alike. It's not a genre, and it frankly puzzles me whenever I see major voices in the scene misuse the term so generously. So spread the word, tell your friends, there are plenty of people who get it, but there should be more. We'll get there, but let this post be a good starting point. 


Hudson Mohawke boiler room set from L.A.

Hudson Mohawke, one half of the former duo known as TNGHT and has a track featured in one of the latest Apple commercials, gave the L.A. crowd a memorable set as part of the Boiler Room live web-series. With little more than a multi-colored strobe light, Hudson Mohawke brought a huge performance that should be watched many times over: