Deadmau5 interview on CBC

Deadmau5 sat down yesterday with Jian Ghomeshi for an interview and here are my notes:

  • Deadmau5 admitted that he only had a handful of 'A' list DJs in mind when he criticized the EDM scene with his  'We all hit play' tumblr post. 
  • He was asked about the whole 'I can teach anyone in an hour how to DJ like me in the cube' and he re-emphasized that you have to know ableton and midi first. By the way my guitarist/indie/rock friend used both arguments above yesterday to basically dismiss the whole EDM scene which ultimately escalated into a 40 minute debate. Thanks Joel.
  • He didn't back down with his remarks on Madonna. Good! 
  • Admitted that he 'sold out' when he produced his singular dubstep track as he flirted with jumping on the trend bandwagon. Hi Gareth. 
  • He <3 Hans Zimmer and strongly hinted that he'd like to do something in his sphere one day.
  • Joel finishes off the interview by actually answering his mobile live on radio, lol.

(Source: CBC Radio)