Axwell will focus on up and coming talent rather than working with established pop stars

Axwell stated in a recent interview with the Daily Record that he would prefer to focus on new talent rather than work with R&B artists that have jumped on the EDM bandwagon:

He said: “The big names are not the future. There are more American R&B artists wanting to meet people like us and wanting to learn our world. They want to come to our world and that is all fine but, for me, that’s not what I’m chasing.

“I’m introducing what is new and what new producers and completely unknown singers we have. I’m interested in the new Adele, the new Gotye. Who is the next guy? That is really the future. Just meeting big name people for the sake of it is not what I’m looking for.”

Out of the three members of the Swedish House Mafia I will be following Axwell the closest as I believe he has the most potential to give us something new and fresh to listen to.

(Source: Daily Record)