Toronto Star: Guvernment "was recently sold to a developer"

Quoted from the Toronto Star:

"Stand on the corner of Richmond and Peter Streets, the former epicenter of Clubland. Once there were clubs on all four corners, now there are none. Other big club spaces around town are giving way to residences. The huge Guvernment (formerly RPM) site at Queens Quay and Jarvis was recently sold to a developer and Fly, the last remaining big gay club in the Gaybourhood, may be going condo soon too. Do we need to start worrying about where people can dance to loud music?"

Thus far there has been no official word from @The_Guvernment or @INKevents. Based on this Toronto Star article alone, it would appear that the rumours posted on this site back in February could be true after all. If it is, then this is very sad news for EDM in Canada and clubbing in general as Canada's most voted club in the DJ Mag top 100 poll this year "may be going condo soon".