DJ Mag releases top 100 clubs results *Updated


Canadian results:

  • #22 - Guvernment (Toronto)
  • #36 - Footwork (Toronto)
  • #62 - Beta Nightclub (Waterloo) (Thank you @DJMalek)
  • #69  - Circus Afterhours (Montreal)
  • #86 - Stereo (Montreal)

Last year it was Circus Afterhours that carried the flag as DJ Mag's top Canadian club at #19 while the Guvernment came in at #27. Beta was ranked at #40 while Footwork and Stereo were unranked in 2012. Klub OMFG from Alberta was ranked #49 while Cobra London came in at #44 in 2012, but both clubs did not make the 2013 cut.

From what I noticed from this year vs. last year was that Circus Afterhours, the Montreal afterhours club, was engaged in an active campaign in 2012 to encourage fans to vote and as a result they were awarded the 19th spot in the 2012 rankings. This year, I have noticed virtually no campaigning of any kind from either Circus or Stereo, while Guvernment in Toronto was by far the most active campaigner in 2013, highlighted by this promotional video.

The takeaway lesson is that if you want to rank high in the DJ Mag rankings in the future, you must invest a lot of time and effort and in return your fans will take the time to vote for you.