Hardstyle sound is starting to gain traction in mainstream EDM music

As you listen to new music from multiple genres all day you start seeing some musical trends gaining influence. Sometimes when you hear a track you can tell it was inspired by another genre or a certain producer. If this is done correctly these type of cross-genre tracks can help expose fans of either genre to start exploring music beyond their usual brand of EDM; but it also can go all wrong if a producer creates a track which fails to attribute a sample from another producer which then causes a public outrage. That being said I have noticed a strong trend develop in my recent listening experience that suggests that the genre known as Hardstyle, which is absolutely huge in Europe, is starting to make waves into wider mainstream EDM music. Here's the proof:

The new Dada Life album will feature a Hardstyle inspired track called 'Boing Clash Boom':

Flosstradamus recently released part 2 of their latest EP that features hardstyle influenced trap music:

These 3 tracks could be a sign of more Hardstyle infused tracks to come. It couldn't have come at a better time as I feel producers have already pushed what the progressive house sound to its limit and some of the savvier artists are starting to experiment with what works best from other genres and implement it into their own tracks. 

Hardstyle is already well established in Western Canada with many of the top DJs in the game like Headhunterz, Zatox, Psyko Punkz being booked on a regular basis in places like Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Hardstyle is on the rise in North America so make sure to brush up on your Hakken, Melbourne Shuffle, and Jumpstyle moves so you'll be ready to move whenever a hardstyle styled track is dropped at a future event.