The ASOT 600 Toronto Campaign Video....Is it indication of big news headed our way?

Armin will be unveiling the first cities that will host ASOT 600 events on October 18th.

There's a lot that's interesting with this video which has nothing to do with the video itself but rather the people behind it. According to the credits the video was made by Different Levels, a professional video company, and was sponsored by DJ Mag Canada and Ink Entertainment (Guvernment).

But wait it gets better. Beginning on Oct 14th there was mounting pressure on the owner of the Twitter account '@ASOT600TORONTO', who actually doesn't live in Toronto but in the Ukraine, to hand over the account to local campaigners. There was a lot of drama that ensued that ultimately lead the account to now be shared between a few locals. It's not quite clear who controls what but it does seem strange as to why all of the last minute activity to control an account that will become considerably less important unless Toronto is selected as one of the ASOT 600 cities.

Is it possible that someone out there might know some key information about an upcoming ASOT location which could explain this professionally made video and last minute power struggle to control a Toronto ASOT600 Twitter account? Maybe. We'll find out in approximately 31 hours.

Update: The owner of the @ASOT600Canada account tweeted this a few hours ago:

Is it wrong to get excited for the possibility of an ASOT 600 date in Canada at this point? All indications are pointing towards a positive news announcement tomorrow for a Canadian city from the Netherlands.