A New Ottawa Trance Promotions Company Is Born

A little over ten days ago a new local promotions was created that will focus purely on trance music called OTS Productions. This is welcome news for all Ottawa trance fans because, let's face it, there are simply not enough trance events in our Nation's Capital. The new company is founded by DNA Presents own Kyle Landry who assured me that OTS Productions will focus on bringing great trance acts to Ottawa. 

The first OTS Productions night will be on Friday, October 12th at the Bijou Nightclub with Montreal's Trance duo Project Offset. These guys have been lighting up the Montreal trance scene for a while with their residency at the world-class CIrcus Afterhours nightclub. Their latest event was one of their most prominent as they were given the honour as being the sole Montreal opening act for the Coldharbour Recordings night at Circus that occurred over Labour Day Weekend which featured trance talents KhoMha and Mr. Pit.

The inaugural OTS Productions night will bring some much needed hard hitting trance to Ottawa, something that this city hasn't seen since Aly & Fila during Escapade or Paul Van Dyk back in the Spring. To get a better sense of what kind of DJs Project Offset are you can check out their Soundcloud page or listen to their regular Podcast titled Crowd Control.

Here's the latest Crowd Control Podcast mix with special guest Styller:

If you are a trance fan in Ottawa then show your support by heading over to Bijou Nightclub on October 12th! Tickets can be purchased at the door for only $12.