Rusko Interview: Codeine, Rohypnol, and Vodka

Rusko is pretty damn candid about his drug and alcohol use, here's a snippet:

“You know they have the one litre bottles of Grey Goose, the big fat giant ones? I do a whole big one a night. It’s a combination of tolerance and being more fucked up. Every day I wake up more and more hung-over and more and more bruised and tired, so I have to drink more to get myself in the right frame of mind to get back on stage. I’ve been drinking vodka for the last 22 nights in a row, so you build up a tolerance to it. Now I’m just necking it out of the bottle."

Here's a thought exercise for you all: re-read the article but take away Rusko's fame, touring and music away.

(Source: US DJ Mag Edition, via Pulse)