Eric Prydz is added to the Escapade Music Festival Lineup!

I almost couldn't believe me eyes when I saw the 2 pm announcement that Eric Prydz was added to the Escapade Music Festival lineup. Eric Prydz is almost single-handedly helping to sell out the Idendity Festival North American tour alone so having Eric Prydz join the already stacked lineup is just extraordinary. This addition couldn't come out at a better time as Prydz will be releasing his much anticipated record called 'Eric Prydz presents Pryda' which will be coming out on May 21st.

DNA Presents must have been reading my mind because this song has been on permanent repeat in the last few days:

Eric Prydz and Adam Beyer - Live at the Exit Festival 2009

I was a big time Radiohead fan back in the day so hearing this song gives me plenty of goose bumps.

Here's a live set from Soundcloud - Eric Prydz Presents EPIC - Alexandra Palace, Nov 26th, 2011:

Hat's off to the Escapade guys, this is a serious booking. What's amazing is that apparently Eric Prydz is only the 19th artist out of a total of 40 EDM artists that will be ultimately booked for the big 2 day festival. If that's true then here's my wish list: John O'Callaghan, Leon Bolier, and Sied Van Riel. If you have someone that you'd love to see why don't tweet it over to @EscapadeMF and @edmottawa!