6 other reasons why Veld was amazing

Top-notch security team

Safety was priority #1 for every member of the security team at the festival. They were responsive and in tune with the crowds, and handled any issues that arose quickly. They were happy to spread some good vibes by encouraging people around them to jump and dance to the music. They anticipated the needs of individuals around them before they were needed and helped make sure the festival ran smoothly. 

Games area & rides

Having more activities on site was such a bonus for everyone involved. It was a happy distraction while walking from stage to stage and many enjoyed the view and music from the Ferris wheel and made bracelets with friends. 

Shaded/resting tents

We all need a few minutes to recharge our batteries. The placement of the tents were perfect as you could see the main stage from most of the tents. This way, no one had to miss out on the excitement! 

No line for bathrooms or water

Throughout the whole weekend, I never once had to wait longer than a minute or two to access the water stations or bathrooms. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t care for port-a-potties. I did, however like the fact that if or when you needed one, it is a much more pleasant experience having access to one without having to wait in a long line! 


Although the Canadian flag was a favourite (#Canada150!), many other countries flags were well represented. Not only were people celebrating their diverse backgrounds but their love of different foods, shops and brands. I saw many flags ranging from McDonald's to Home Depot, but my personal favourite flag of the weekend was the TACOS flag reminding me of my love for tacos every time the beat dropped. 

The weather

Anyone who’s spent the majority of this summer in the GTA understands that it may rain randomly throughout any given day even if the weather forecast doesn’t say that it will. The team at Veld were ready to party rain or shine, but we as the audience enjoyed the great breezy weather with no random downpours to rain on our parade. The grounds were muddy in many areas on day 1 but got a lot better on day 2. The partially cloudy days also helped a lot of people avoid heat exhaustion which I believe significantly  affected everyone’s mood and energy levels in a positive manner. 

Review and photos by Sinejan Ozaydemir. You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here