Must-listen: Back Tiger Sex Machine's Debut Album (Full Stream)

The head of Kannibalen Records and Montreal's own Black Tiger Sex Machine have finally unleashed their debut album this week. Titled Welcome To Our Church, the album follows the story of a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has destroyed most of the world: 

"The world was a wondrous place. Technology had unlocked the skies; beings from far off planets had become new friends. The dream of utopia beckoned as humanity lifted itself towards transcendence.

Till one day, from within, they appeared. Ravenous, disfigured monsters, mad with an unquenchable lust for flesh, rampaging through villages and cities, consuming and infecting all they met with an incurable plague: the Kannibalen virus. As this tide of death spread uncontrollably, the rich fled to the stars and the visitors quarantined the planet, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Some hid in far off wastelands, others locked themselves in walled cities, salvaging what they could to preserve what was left of civilization. Amidst the chaos, some sought profit and power: opportunists, war mongers, pirates twisted by evil; whispers spread of half-breads and mutants twisting their strings from the shadows. But hope still lived. Bands of survivors, fighting to preserve humanity and restore the world to what it was.

This is the story of one of these groups.

Welcome To Our Church!"

Welcome To Our Church incorporates a cross section of bass music ranging from dubstep to drum and bass to create an eclectic LP that will leave you satisfied. Each track flows through to the next and it is highly recommended to check it out from the first track to the last. Enjoy listening to the full stream below or simply it buy it direct right now on iTunes