Q-Dance is coming to Canada soon


Canadian hardstyle fans rejoice! Q-dance, the largest hardstyle promoter and organizer on the planet, will be making their Canadian debut sometime soon: 

The link led to the "Qanada" FB group, which had a call to action for all dedicated Canadian hardstyle fans: 

"Attention ‪#‎Qanada‬! In anticipation of Q-dance's foray into Canada, Team Q-dance has created this group to unite Canada the worldwide harder styles family. Feel free to leave comments, questions, and discuss the future of hardstyle and Q-dance events here. Can't wait to share our plans. Stay tuned, and in the meantime please sign-up to become an official Q-dance ambassador to work alongside Q-dance for events and share your love and excitement for the harder styles.

Join the revolution here: http://bit.ly/NAambassador"

So far there is no specific information on Q-dance's first event in Canada, but rest assured that EDM Canada will keep you in the loop once it's announced!

If you are interested in become one of their Q-dance ambassadors, click here.