Toronto Star: City bans electronic dance music events from Exhibition Place

As reported by Toronto Star

"City-owned buildings at Exhibition Place will no longer host popular electronic dance music parties after its board voted 4-3 Friday to ban them...."

"...Those in favour argued it would make teens and tweens safer, saying drug and alcohol abuse among minors is rampant at electronic dance music (EDM) events."

"..The decision will likely cost Exhibition Place around $1 million in annual revenue, Perks said..."

This is terrible news for electronic dance music in Toronto. 

You can read the full article by clicking here

Update: Thump wrote about the issue (Link), and so did DJ Mag Canada (Link)

Update 2: Toronto Sun wrote about it too (Link). 

Update 3: There's a new petition out there titled "Keep EDM Events at Exhibition Place" (Link). The author is listed as "EDM Toronto", and I just wanted to state for the record that I didn't write it. (They have since changed the author's name to "EDM T.DOT")