Armin: "I want to bring people on a journey than just bringing them the drops"

As reported by mixmag when they managed to sit down with Armin Van Buuren:  

"Sitting down with Mixmag, DJ spoke about what he calls a "shift" in dance music over the past five years: "Everything’s become about the drop and the breakdown. I want to bring people on a journey rather than just bringing them the drops."

He also revealed details about his new Armin Only tour: "It's going back to my roots with trance," he said. "I've got a new director, a completely new set of singers, a new theme and a few special surprises."

No matter what your opinion on Armin Van Buuren might be, I give him massive respect for playing John Askew's remix of "Communication" on the main stage at this year's Ultra Music Festival in Miami:

If you live in Montreal, don't forget that Armin Van Buuren will be playing at New City Gas on Sunday, October 13th. Click here to purchase tickets now.