Guy Gerber defends American EDM audiences

It's refreshing to hear someone respected by the underground defend North American fans. Guy Gerber speaks plainly and I like his style, read what he said as reported by the Huffington Post:

"Gerber also rejects some of the cliche tropes in today's electronic dance music world, like bashing American audiences. "The States are now some of the best parties in the world," Gerber said. "I played the Verboten stage in New York City on the Fourth of July, and it was one of the better parties that I have played in awhile. Everyone was smiling and very enthusiastic about the music. Toronto was great; Chicago, Wavefront -- so many people come to support this type of music. The best show was in Montreal at Piknic Elecktronik, where I played a four-hour set. It started raining, and literally no one moved. People just danced in the rain for four hours. It was beautiful."  

He later remarked that the DJs that are now criticizing American audiences is because they're no longer part of the scene.  

Read the entire article over at Huffington Post.