Is Tiesto making a trance EP with M.I.K.E Push?

Is Tiesto making a trance track? Is this real life? Can it be true? According to the latest tweets, a trance collaboration between Tiesto and veteran trance producer M.I.K.E Push is in the works:

As a trance fan, it's hard to contain my excitement when I hear that two trance legends are coming together to make a trance EP.  Tiesto has left the genre so long ago that the possibility of hearing new trance tracks from the man himself will be sure to get many long time Tiesto fans celebrating. But we may have to be patient as M.I.K.E Push has already warned fans that it may take a while before we hear any of the results. If this collaboration turns into something substantial then today is a very good day for trance and I am optimistic about the possible results.

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