5 questions for Max Graham about "The Evil ID"

 "The Evil ID" has generated a tremendous amount of buzz over the last few months. I've noticed my Twitter timeline literally blowing up everytime it gets air play time on Max Graham's Cycles Radio or other major trance shows like ASOT or GDJB. Max Graham's latest creation gets this amount of praise for good reason as the "The Evil ID" lives up to its sinister name by enveloping the listener straight into the darker side of trance. I've listened to the track multiple times already and still I am hooked on that addictive "dark bassline" that only leaves me wanting to press the repeat button over and over.

EDM Canada has managed to touch base with the creator of "The Evil ID", the Canadian trance heavyweight Max Graham to ask him 5 questions about this hot new release. I'm predicting this track will hit #1 in the Beatport top 100 trance chart in short order, enjoy:

1. EDM Canada: Tell me about the genesis of the “The Evil ID”

Max Graham: Well it really was like most of my tracks, just trial and error in the studio. I had the drive and the bass already then played that riff and thought "this is dark as hell but I'm going with it" - I really made it for me and didn't expect this kind of reaction. 

2. Did you always plan to officially release the track under the name “The Evil ID”?

I play a lot of upfront ID's on the show and then someone remarked that it sounded evil. so i called it the evil ID in a tweet and then a few other people did also "that ID you played, the evil one!" so it fell into place and made perfect sense. People didn't believe me that that was the name for a while. Kinda funny actually but added to the buzz so it's all good. 

3. You debuted the track at ASOT 600 in Mexico City, what was the crowd reaction like? At what point did you know that you created a hit track?

I had played it on cycles radio and a couple of smaller gigs before that but Mexico was the first real test and it went off. I think after that when people started asking me what it was I knew i was onto something. Even then though I didn't expect the DJ support I've had. GDJB three times, ASOT twice and many other shows. It's been amazing. 

4. The “The Evil ID” has generated a lot of buzz on social media, were you surprised by all of the attention given to your latest creation?

Very much so as it was something made really just for me. I think when you make something that you're not trying to fit into a genre or scene then it works really well and making this was a very quick (one day) natural process. Just goes to show when you let it flow the results work better than when you try to force something. 

5. Are we to expect more “evil” sounding tracks from Max Graham in your upcoming artist album?

Haha well I've had some in the past like Turkish Delight and Sepia (both had dark basslines) but who knows what comes next, you'll have to keep on Cycles Radio and listen for the next elusive ID :) 

In preparation for "The Evil ID" release, Max Graham released this funny video filled with captions that captures the excitement behind this latest release:

My thanks to Max Graham for taking the time to answer some questions about this mysterious track. Be sure to pick up your copy of "The Evil ID" right now on Beatport. If you want to catch Max Graham live, he will be playing with Paul Van Dyk in Montreal on June 30th at the New City Gas. Click here to get your tickets now.