What you might expect from Sensation's first Canadian show

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Sensation's Canadian debut at the Rogers Centre on June 1st and I'm sure many are wondering what they could expect at one of the largest parties in Canada this year. So I did a little research on their website to see what I could find.

Sensation is not just one production that goes around the world and throws parties for crowds dressed in white, it's more than that. They have 6 different themes to choose from with names such as 'Innerspace', 'Source of Light', and 'Into The Wild'. Toronto will be hosting Sensation's 'Ocean of White', which was described on the main Sensation website:

"Countless tiny little drops make up the Ocean of White. All of us become part of a greater universe. This wondrous world of nocturnal sea life offers innumerous possibilities. Acrobats shoot from the ceiling, giant jellyfish hover above the dancefloor, as dj’s guide the crowd through uncharted waters of mesmerizing grooves and melodies..."

Acrobats shooting from the ceiling of the massive Rogers centre AND giant jellyfishes? This is something we have never seen in a major EDM event in Canada. 

Here's the description given for the Sensation 'Ocean of White' event in Amsterdam in 2008:

"The theme of the night, Ocean of White, will turn the venue into a complete water world, water running through a raised canal and 48 big fountains bursting water against the roof. And off course every fountain explodes with the beats of the music."

To see what the Rogers Centre might look like on June 1st beyond the official trailer I found a recap video of the Sensation 'Ocean of White' event in Romania in 2012:

Nothing is officially confirmed by Sensation for Toronto's show but if they are able to pull off a similar production in Canada's largest venue infront of 30,000 fans, then it will be very special indeed.

For the latest event information, check out the full event listing by clicking below:

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