Markus Schulz to play his famous "Open to Close Solo Set" at Tomorrowland

Here's a message to all major Festival promoters: Copy this idea, and do it now.

This is exactly the kind of innovation that EDM festivals need to mix things up and keep it fresh for the fans. Whether it's Markus Schulz, Carl Cox, Sasha, Liebing, Beyer, or Armin doing the extended set it doesn't really matter to me - what's important is that there are new reasons to get excited for festival lineup. 

The idea of checking out Markus Schulz for 1-2 hours at a time, watch a few other acts, and then popping back in to witness what kind of rabbit hole Schulz is putting his fans under all day long would be very exciting.

Well done Tomorrowland!

(VIA @TranceInVan)