Simon Patterson parts ways with 140 BPM Trance

Quoted from a Simon Patterson interview with Beatsmedia:

"I cant do anymore with 140. People are just ripping people off. Same sounds, same effects, same arrangements. I am so bored. It used to be great but i really think it needs a massive kick up the ass. I hardly play it at all which is a shame because i loved it...I guess 8 years doing the same thing over and over takes it toll. All idea’d out! ...I am doing a lot of psy but toying with loads of other stuff. Breaks, techno and still making trance but not so traditional."

Simon Patterson released a free 140 Trance track called 'Zero Contact With The Humans' which coincides with the launch of his new website:

Follow this link to download the full track for free.

This track will be apart of his new upcoming album to be released this summer. Could 'Zero Contact With The Humans' be the last classic 140 track produced from Patterson? I completely support Patterson's new direction but I hope that he'll venture back to 140 styled tracks from time to time.