Simon Patterson offers bold sounds in new weekly 'Open Up' Podcast

Simon Patterson sets the tone of his new 'Open Up' show in episode 002:

"Over the next hour you're going to be hearing my favourite tracks from the last week. If it's cheese you're after, then I suggest you turn-off right now, this is definitely not the show for you" - Simon Patterson

UK Trance DJ/Producer Simon Patterson has started a new podcast called 'Open Up' that is not shy in delivering big and bold sounds from the underground scene. Simon Patterson's heavy use of Techno and Trance in his podcast is what makes 'Open Up' so fresh and appealing to fans that are looking for new music beyond the big names in electronic dance music. To see two of my favourite genres come together in one show and have it all work seamlessly is what will separate Simon Patterson's new show from the rest of the pack. Only 2 episodes in and I'm completely hooked. Check it out for yourself on mixcloud:

You can catch 'Open Up' every Thursday on DI.FM or on iTunes.

P.S. Thanks goes out to Ottawa's DJ Charles (@DJCharles91) for first introducing me to this gem of a podcast.