5 Questions for Lange

On the eve of the release of his third artist album called "We Are Lucky People", EDM Canada managed to have a short chat with the talented trance DJ/Producer hailing from the U.K. "We Are Lucky People" is arguably his most ambitious work yet as it is a 2-Disc release with disc 1 aimed more at home listening while disc 2 has all of the releases tailored made for the dance floor. Lange will be coming to Calgary this weekend for a special album tour date at Flames Central this Sunday, so read on dear readers and enjoy this interesting chat with Lange:

1. Now that you are all done with your latest album – did it come out exactly as envisioned?

Lange: I'm not just saying this because obviously I've got an album to sell but I have to say that it's come out better than expected. I took the decision to make the tracks throughout the year and build the album that way. It was a writing experience where I was doing what I felt like as I was doing it. So I didn't spend a lot of time planning them all, I did a bunch of singles, adjusted the tracks, and made one CD an entire listening experience from start to finish. I've managed to make the tracks blend into each other with a lot of recurring themes. So it turned out really nice.

2. Which tracks from “We are Lucky People” are getting the biggest reaction on the dance floor?

I would say right now "Fireflies (With Cate Kanell)” - that's gone down really well. It's quite an old school laid back trance track and even I was surprised to see how well it goes down in the clubs because obviously everything is pretty high energy these days. But that track in the right environment really goes off. I've also been quite taken aback by the reaction to “Violin's Revenge”, it's a proper trance track, quite unusual, a bit different, and that's been getting some good reactions.

3. Tell me more about Violin's Revenge (Dark Mix) – where did you get that violin sample from? The way you managed to craft an amazing beat to that violin was masterful.

Thanks very much. The violin came from somebody I met called Isleviolin, she's a professional violinist who plays electric violin these days. She's been playing violin for absolutely ages since she was like 10 or something. She's played with all sorts of people that include Above & Beyond, Snoop Dogg, all over the spectrum of music. She's even played for Presidents as well in her home nation of South Africa. I bumped into her at an Australian show in Brisbane where she suggested that we do a track. It took us about a year, which often does with these things, but she sent over that melody and I took it from there basically and crafted a track around that. There's a different version of the track on Disc 1 called the “Light Mix” which still has the same violin but takes it to a different direction in the middle.

4. I noticed that Lange Recordings has released a track last month by Vancouver's very own Brad & Victor H (with Somna) called “Shoryuken”. Tell me how you hooked with these up and coming Canadian producers?

Well I've known Brad for a while actually from playing in Vancouver. So it was only a matter of time really as he was sending some stuff that I thought was really really good so he's been on the label ever since. It's good to have him on there. They're really nice guys and Brad is a fan of bubble tea which I love as well (laughs).

5. You're going to be playing at Flames Central in Calgary this weekend – what can fans expect this coming Sunday?

It's an album tour date so I'm making sure that my set is packed with stuff from the album and of course there will be a chance to hear some of those new tracks that have yet to be revealed. It's going to be a very trancey set with a few curve balls thrown in. I'm enjoying playing a mix of more melodic trance against some of the more driving groovier stuff.  I'm feeling really on it with a lot of exciting stuff in my USB drives, much of it forthcoming releases on my label.

My thanks to Lange for taking time for the interview!  

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There are a few ways to purchase Lange's upcoming album which will be out on November 18th. You can buy it on his official Bandcamp page where there are few interesting packages available. You can also pre-order "We Are Lucky People" on iTunes and if you do it now you will be able to download Violin's Revenge (Dark Mix) right now, click here for more information.