Porter Robinson is going "nostalgic" and "non-EDM" for his debut album

 Photo by Rukes

Photo by Rukes

Porter Robinson, known for his creative and powerful live sets, is planning to change gears for his debut album. As Billboard reports, Porter plans for his first album to be "nostalgic", "lo-fi", and "non-EDM":

“I wanted to do something that felt beautiful and emotional and that felt nostalgic,” describes Robinson. “I think it sort of employs the pretty vibe of the last couple songs I put out, like ‘Language’ and ‘Easy,’ but I wanted a vintage sound. Something that was a little more lo-fi-inspired. It has a bunch of weird tempos that dance people aren’t really doing. There’s no DJ-friendly intro and outro. It’s meant to be listening music. It’s not a party record at all.”


Porter Robinson's debut album is expected to be released early in 2014. Click here to read the full article.

If you live in Calgary, Porter Robinson will be making his only Canadian stop before the year closes on Saturday, December 28th in Calgary as part of PURE at the BMO Centre. If the Billboard article is to believed, this may be one of his last DJ sets for a while as he hinted of a future live show experience in the works. Click here to purchase your ticket now.