5 questions for Jordan Suckley

Jordan Suckley, the 28 year old DJ/Producer from the U.K is an established name on the trance circuit in Europe but will be making his first appearance starting this weekend. He will be supporting the legendary Paul Oakenfold on his "Trancemission" tour where together they will make an amazing double bill as they spread the Perfecto Fluoro sound all across North America. With the amount of new trance tracks coming out from Jordan Suckley, he is absolutely becoming a key producer to watch within the trance community. Check out this interview on the eve of Jordan Suckley's Canadian debut as he talks about his style, Paul Oakenfold, his view on the state of trance, and what the Canadian crowds can expect from him this weekend. Enjoy:

1. Describe your style.

Jordan Suckley: It's a mixture between uplifting trance, tech-trance, and a bit of a psy-trance influence as well. I also like techno percurssions. It's kind of a mixture of styles but it's more of an upbeat, uptempo style of trance.

2. You're on the "Trance Mission" tour with Paul Oakenfold, what is your view on the current state of trance in 2013?

I'd say it's in a very very good situation at the moment. A few years ago we had the likes of Tiesto and stuff smashing out the trance when it was at its peak, but as soon as the House came in, trance producers kind of died off a little bit and slid down the music. Trance died off again but it's coming right back in and the way you can tell is from the tracks in the charts. Certainly there are great trance producers around the world who are making amazing music so I think it's in a great state.

3. How did you come to know Paul Oakenfold? How did you feel when he asked you to support him on this latest tour?

Ever since I've been into trance I've always supported Paul Oakenfold. I love that Perfecto Fluoro sound, nice and dark. As soon as I found out that I was going out on this tour I was absolutely ecstatic. It's my first proper tour out here and Paul Oakenfold is an absolute legend. Our styles link as well because I very much support and like his sound. I've also released tracks on his label so it does fit hand in hand.

4. What can Canadian trance fans expect from a Jordan Suckley set this weekend in Vancouver and Edmonton?

I'm warming up for Paul this weekend so I'm going to be playing a bit of a mixture of sounds. I'll be playing a little bit of the Fluoro sound but a little slower and chunky. I might put in a few of my trance tracks in there as well so we'll see how it goes. It's definitely going to be high energy.

5. What do you have in store for trance fans for the rest of 2013, and 2014?

I've currently got a remix out for Bryan Kearney's “Mexican Rave” that is at #6 on the Beatport Trance 100. Next month I've got a remix out for Mental Asylum records called “Captain Charlie” which is a collab work with Eddie Bitar. I also have another remix coming out of “Nevada” by Faruk Sabanci. Both of them will be out on December 2nd. In January I'll have my first release on Subculture of a track I did called “Take No Prisoners”. My new label called Take No Prisoners will start in February where I'll have another collaboration with Eddie Bitar with a big remixes for that as well. I've got another collaboration with Simon Patterson, a new track planned with Perfecto Fluoro, a new one with the Who's Afraid of 138? label as well. I'm also remixing Greg Downey's classic “Vivid Intent”.

EDM Canada: Wow that's really busy!

You've got to keep going. A lot of people have time off and play computer games, but my fun is making tracks. (Laughs)

My thanks to Jordan Suckley for this interview! In the post-interview Jordan also mentioned even more projects where he's collaborating on even more tracks with the likes of Indecent Noise, Sneijder, Maarten de Jong, and EDM Canada favourite Will Atkinson. With a new label, new radio show, and all of these new tracks coming out over the next few months there is no doubt that Jordan Suckley will be one to watch within the trance scene.

If you want to catch Jordan Suckley on his Canadian debut, he'll be in Vancouver tonight at the Gossip Nightclub in support of Paul Oakenfold. Tickets are still available, click here to purchase right now.

This Saturday you can catch Jordan Suckley and Paul Oakenfold at Set Nightclub in Edmonton. Click here to purchase now.

If you live in Toronto, Jordan Suckley will also be playing on Friday, December 6th at the Annex Wreckroom along with BT and Alex M.O.R.P.H. Click here for more ticket details.