On 'pressing play': Afrojack vs. Deadmau5

Afrojack lit up the 'pressing play' controversy with a quote given in a Billboard interview that had Deadmau5 in his sights:

"You're never just pressing play. If you're a guy in a cube with a mask on, you can press play. Deadmau5 also said himself he's not a DJ -- don't talk about stuff you don't know about. I don't know shit about LED walls and giant mouse heads; I can't judge it. But if you put four CD players in front of me or [Sebastian Ingrosso] or even Skrillex, we've been DJ'ing for so long, we can do a lot of things with those CD players."

Deadmau5 quickly responded on Twitter, (first with a tweet that was later deleted):

Afrojack later responded:

Just a tiny guess but I don't think there will be any Afromau5 B2B shows happening anytime soon.

(Source: Billboard VIA @jacobschulman)