Markus Schulz at Stereo - A night I won't soon forget

Note: This article was ultimately posted on Markus Schulz Facebook page. It was a real honour. Thanks Markus!

This is hardly an event review because there are almost no words to explain the experience I had at Stereo last Friday night in Montreal when Markus Schulz delivered an EPIC 7+ hour set. I knew coming in that this was a special event simply because it was held at the Stereo Nightclub and when you mix a world class club with the sounds of Markus Schulz you know magic happens. This show was sold out well over a month ago so the anticipation for this event was through the roof well before Markus even stepped off the plane.

Markus Schulz blew my expectations out of the window as he absolutely played his heart out with a relentless set that had a little something for everybody. There were some vocal tracks and uplifting trance beats here and there but the core of his set was heavy with dark progressive trance that electrified the dance floor. When Markus Schulz unleashed his 'Dakota' style that's when he truly connected with the crowd and the dancing reached its highest of highs.

Most of the night was spent in the dark as the light effects were kept at a minimal on purpose. You won't see any flashy lighting effects or huge LED screens at Stereo because what's truly important is the pristine sound quality, the music, and the people on the dance floor.

There were around 10 glow kids in the middle of the dance floor waving around their light gloves and giving everyone a mini light show. Each one of them were showing so much love for Markus for the entire 7 hours.

The rest of the crowd showed their appreciation for Markus by chanting his name numerous times throughout the night. There were a lot of moments during the set that were goosebump worthy.

Can you believe that Markus actually took the time to take pictures and give autographs to his fans after the show? By this time it's already past 11 am and he hasn't sat down in over 7 hours and yet you still see him smiling and being personable to his fans like nothing happened. What a champ.

Afterwards Markus had this to say:

Local Montreal trance duo DJ Offset had this to say about Markus' performance:

I can state without hesitation that was the best live set that I've ever experienced in my life so far. Thanks so much to Stereo and Markus Schulz for a very memorable night and I hope to do it again next year!