Saturday, May 7th - Ephwurd & Hunter Siegel @ The Hoxton

Location: THE HOXTON, 69 Bathurst St Toronto ON M5V 1M5 (Google Maps)
DJs: Ephwurd & Hunter Siegel, Nualias, Deboer
Time: 10:00 pm – 3:00 am
Age: 19+

5 questions for Ephwurd (Pre-Show Hype Interview)

What is Ephwurd and how would you define your sound?

turbo speed house music with raver tears for windshield fluid and the blood of tiesto for gasoline. datsik & bais haus are the drivers of this vessel and we are ready to take you guys to light speed. 

Ephwurd has been around for almost a year - where do you want to take it from here? Could we see an Ephwurd EP/LP in the future?

We have been trying to discover the brown note for the past 11 months. If discovered it will sell more records than Major Lazer’s “Lean On” 

Got any new originals, collabs or remixes on the way?

Just finished 2 new remixes and we have like 5 unfinished collabs and about 3 originals that we are sitting on. 

What can Toronto fans expect from Ephwurd when you play at the Hoxton
this Saturday?

if darth vader had a kid with arianna grande, our sets would most resemble that. 

Do you think 2016 is the year that future bass takes over?

2016 is the year Phuture Bass takes over.