Bluesfest slated to be EDM-light this year?

From Ottawa Magazine:

"Bluesfest organizers have announced that B.B. King will close the festival on July 14 and that the music festival will return to its original focus — y ’know blues music — for a large portion of this year’s programming."


" rules have been put in place for the other ills of festival going, meaning you will still have to put up with:
...."-Too many young people"

Don't worry, a Blues heavy lineup will take care of those "ills" in an instant.

"The Lessons from Last Year
EDM, or electronic dance music, is best in low doses at open-air festivals...Make sure your light fixtures are screwed in tightly if Skrillex comes back."

Judging from this article I have become a lot less excited about this year's potential Bluesfest lineup. But if they re-book Skrillex and Paul Oakenfold (if he promises to play Trance the whole time), I'd be more than happy to give them my hard-earned dollars for tickets.

(Source: Ottawa Magazine)