Nature Nocturne attracted 2,000 people for the first night but received mixed reviews

Attracting 2,000 people (2,000 x $20 per ticket = $40,000 kaching!) for any nightlife event in Ottawa is a big deal but according to the Ottawa Citizen the organizers weren't ready for just how popular Nature Nocturne at the Museum of Nature would be that night:

"What was not expected was the turnout. Organizers planned for hundreds but early estimates suggest up to 2,000 attended.
"The lack of foresight was evident in the long line ups, which were an exhibit themselves. Ladies shivered in their stilettos on the icy sidewalk as they waited to get through the grand doors at 240 McLeod Street."
“This is the line for the bar. I’m not getting a drink,” said another man as he eyed the lineup of more than 100 people at the east wing bar. Those who waited patiently left after 45 minutes juggling two or three drinks."

Despite the challenges, the Ottawa Citizen reported that the reviews for the event were "mostly positive" and the next Nature Nocturne is scheduled for February 22nd.

*Read this: Vice, the website that is not afraid of ruffling feathers and stirring up controversy globally, had a comical but overall negative take on the whole event.

I still like the idea of partying at the Museum of Nature but I'm just waiting for one of the established EDM promoters to step up and host an event there.

(Source: Ottawa Citizen, VICE)