Up and comer Maurice West talks of new projects (Maurice West Interview)


By Dominic Wren

Last weekend’s Riverside Festival in Gatineau, Quebec brought in an incredibly talented DJ known as Maurice West. I had a chance to sit down with the DJ/producer to welcome him to the nation’s capital’s neighbor, Gatineau, and talk about his upcoming projects.

West expressed his appreciation of Riverside Festival, mentioned that it had a unique concept being located on the grounds of the Canadian Museum of History and overlooking the parliament, which “kinda looks like Hogwarts.” He also said that this festival is the perfect way to finish the summer, as it’s comparable to a day at the park with some music.

 West had an incredible last couple of years. Playing the biggest festivals in the world, such as Ultra, Creamfields, Tomorrowland, Afterhills, and many more. He noted that the only difference between those massive festivals and smaller events such as Riverside is the number of people attending, but the overall energy and the vibes are just as amazing. He added that he just loves to DJ and festival sizes don’t make much of a difference to him.

Maurice talked to us a bit about his “re-branded” stage and he’s very excited about it. Without spilling too many beans, he explained that he found a special thing that will be unique to him and that his fans will recognize when it’s a Maurice West track. Not only that, he has a whole new show that he’s building and mentions that “it’s gonna be next level.” He has so many ideas, but now the puzzle is all coming together and he’s incredibly excited to showcase it in the upcoming Amsterdam Dance Event. It will have brand new visuals, new music, and new styles.


He wrapped up his first headlining tour in China last July. Explaining that playing a shows and traveling for nine straight days was very exhausting but he could easily push through as he got to do what he loved the most every night.

West has lots of music that he’s recently finished, but he’s trying to find the right date to release them. He expressed that he’s incredibly excited to release his next generation of music, as he mentions: “you’ll will be able to understand what I’m trying to get across.”  

He has multiple shows already booked in western Canada in October such as Boodang’s Scream event in Edmonton and headlining at Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver. If you live close to the area, make sure you grab yourself a pair of tickets and catch one of his show! It’s one you can’t afford to miss!