Electronic dance music has suffered a tremendous loss with the death of Avicii


Today marks one of the darkest days in electronic dance music (EDM) history, as one of our best and brightest producers, Tim Bergling (Avicii), has died at the young age of 28. According to his publicist Diana Baron, he was found dead in Muscat, Oman. 

Avicii helped launch the EDM boom, that we are still experiencing the tail end of to this day. His contribution to EDM is reflected in his now timeless classics such as "Levels", 'Fade Into Darkness", "Silhouettes", and his collaboration with Nicky Romero "I Could Be The One". His tracks were constantly featured in DJ tracklist rotations, which helped to sell out countless arenas and festivals for years to come. 

In my opinion, "Levels" is the biggest EDM track to have come out in this generation. It was heard by everyone, young and old, EDM fans and non-fans alike, as it reached heights rarely ever seen by any other dance track, even being featured in a Super Bowl commercial

Not only did Avicii revolutionize the charts and help define EDM, he also put on a top 3 all-time Ultra performance in 2013. He shocked the EDM world with the introduction of a new sonic direction showcased in his True album. The crowd at the time (including myself) was stunned by the radically new sound that Avicii was presenting by mixing electronic beats with folk, bluegrass, and country music. In a sea of sameness in the heart of the EDM boom back in 2013, when everybody and their mother played big room, Avicii once again stood out and gave a set that became more appreciated and recognized for its boldness as time went on. 

Avicii announced his retirement back in 2016 due to "acute pancreatitis" and "alcoholism", but I've always hoped to see him on the big stage again. I secretly wished that he would fully regain his health (both physical and mental), and give fans a wonderful comeback tour. But that was not to be, and now we must face the fact that EDM has lost one of its greatest artists. You will be missed Tim, R.I.P. 

By David Mann
Founder of EDM Canada