The Chainsmokers step up their game with latest EP "Bouquet"

For the past 5 months The Chainsmokers have become one of the go-to producers to watch as they have released a set of melodic tracks with future classic appeal. Originally known for their hit "#Selfie", which became so big that it landed them an appearance on American Idol with mixed results, they have successfully shaken their one-hit wonder status thanks to Bouquet

Their latest EP is 5 tracks long, with 4 of them including personal favourites "Roses" and "Waterbed" , have been previously previewed on their Soundcloud page. They saved the best for last as "New York City" is one of the strongest tracks of the bunch and it's brand new. The vocals and melody are on point, and it's highly addictive. Once you start listening to "New York City", you'll be wanting to put it on repeat all day long. 

Bouquet is available on iTunes, click here for more information