Listen to the 1st year anniversary of The Polar Express by James Bayliss

Calling all Canadian hardstyle fans, James Bayliss celebrated the one year anniversary of his show on Q Dance called "The Polar Express" last week with a special 3 hour plus show featuring an epic progression from big room and trance to hardstyle. Check it out: 

Here's an excerpt of what James had to say about his first year anniversary of his show:

"Hey ladies and gentlemen! Well here it is, the anticipated 1 year anniversary of The Polar Express.

I cant form proper words to express how much this show means to me and how much it means to me that I can reach out to thousands of people from around the globe every month.

The success of this show is all thanks to the fans and the artists who take part in this show as either a listener or an artist. Without both, this podcast would be nothing."


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