Free download: DJ Snake vs. Prodigy & Mercer - "Breathe" (Parisian Vision)

When DJ Snake releases anything for free, you don't wait, you don't hesitate, you just manically click to get your hands on it asap. In this track he delivers a "Parisian" version of a classic track by Prodigy which aims to pierce your ear drums on the drop if you're not careful, check it out:

Update: It's gone. Why? Read Do Androids Dance summary of the controversy here. It's a great read.

Update 2: Do Androids Dance write another story about the controversy. Check it out by clicking here.


Update: Did DJ Snake get his inspiration for his "Parisian Vision" version from Breaux's "Later Night' remix of "Breathe"? Click here and judge for yourself. (thanks @edmslob)