Deadmau5 deactivates his Twitter and uploads the 7 deadly sins to Soundcloud

You can't predict Deadmau5: sometimes he'll seem invincible when taking on Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga fans, and other times, like tonight, he'll retreat and deactivate his Twitter in a surprise move to focus more on his music. One day you'll see him do coffee runs, and the next he might disappear for a while. That's the X factor with Deadmau5, you simply cannot predict his next step. At this time it's far from clear when the next time we'll hear from Deadmau5 on Twitter, but at least he's been good enough to not leave fans empty handed as he just uploaded 7 new sounds on Soundcloud. Every track is named after the 7 deadly sins in Latin, here's the quick and easy translation courtesy of YourEDM:

"Ira" - Wrath

"Avaritia" - Greed

"Gula" - Gluttony

"Superbia" - Pride

"Luxuria" - Lust

"Invidia" - Envy

"Acedia" – Sloth

Hopefully this break from Twitter is only temporary, but while we wait, enjoy this fresh compilation of sounds by our favourite Mau5:

Update: The man behind Deadmau5, Joel Zimmerman, has announced the end of his personal involvement in his Twitter account, click here to read more.