Armin Van Buuren confirmed as the first DJ announced for the "Bal En Blanc" event in Montreal

The next Bal en Blanc event on April 8th, 2012 in Montreal, Canada has finally announced their first DJ booking for the trance room: Armin Van Buuren. I'm really happy to hear that the promoters went with Armin instead of someone like David Guetta which was Tomorrowland's first booking announcement that drew a lot of criticism on the internets. Armin has the ability to mix his more commercial trance with lesser known tunes which can usually satisfy the needs of his fans while electrifying the dance floor.

Amazingly enough this event has garnered so much buzz that the first batch of $95 pre-sale tickets were sold out in 6 minutes on January 14th without even announcing a single DJ! The current ticket price is $117 + around $15 of fees so get them quick before the price goes up.