The Bluesfest lineup is now available online


The EDM lineup includes Skrillex along with the Full Flex Express on July 14th (Was only expecting Skrillex), Tommy Trash, Adventure Club, Zeds Dead, Baauer, and A Tribe Called Red.

One observation: I wish Skrillex's name was higher on the marquee list considering he was the biggest draw for Bluesfest 2012. 

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Bluesfest slated to be EDM-light this year?

From Ottawa Magazine:

"Bluesfest organizers have announced that B.B. King will close the festival on July 14 and that the music festival will return to its original focus — y ’know blues music — for a large portion of this year’s programming."


" rules have been put in place for the other ills of festival going, meaning you will still have to put up with:
...."-Too many young people"

Don't worry, a Blues heavy lineup will take care of those "ills" in an instant.

"The Lessons from Last Year
EDM, or electronic dance music, is best in low doses at open-air festivals...Make sure your light fixtures are screwed in tightly if Skrillex comes back."

Judging from this article I have become a lot less excited about this year's potential Bluesfest lineup. But if they re-book Skrillex and Paul Oakenfold (if he promises to play Trance the whole time), I'd be more than happy to give them my hard-earned dollars for tickets.

(Source: Ottawa Magazine)

Top 3 reasons to see Madeon tonight

This is an image of Madeon when he was last in Ottawa:

DJ Mag Canada wrote a nice piece giving 3 reasons for Ottawa fans to go see Madeon tonight at Barrymore's. Check it out.

Madeon also recently conducted an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit that focused specifically on questions about his productions. It was a fascinating read because it showed off his deep technical knowledge for producing electronic dance music.

If you want to get tickets for tonight there are still $25 tickets available at Want Tickets.

Barrymores launches 'Battle of the DJs' competition with a $1,000 grand prize

Barrymore's will be hosting a 'battle of the DJs' event with 8-10 DJs competing every Thursday starting on February 14th. The grand prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the winner which is a substantial amount of money for any up-and-coming DJ.

The winner of the event the week before will be invited back the following week to try to defend their title. The 'Battle of the DJs' event series is sponsored by Heineken and the doors open at 9 pm. For more information click here.

(Source: @edentates

Nature Nocturne attracted 2,000 people for the first night but received mixed reviews

Attracting 2,000 people (2,000 x $20 per ticket = $40,000 kaching!) for any nightlife event in Ottawa is a big deal but according to the Ottawa Citizen the organizers weren't ready for just how popular Nature Nocturne at the Museum of Nature would be that night:

"What was not expected was the turnout. Organizers planned for hundreds but early estimates suggest up to 2,000 attended.
"The lack of foresight was evident in the long line ups, which were an exhibit themselves. Ladies shivered in their stilettos on the icy sidewalk as they waited to get through the grand doors at 240 McLeod Street."
“This is the line for the bar. I’m not getting a drink,” said another man as he eyed the lineup of more than 100 people at the east wing bar. Those who waited patiently left after 45 minutes juggling two or three drinks."

Despite the challenges, the Ottawa Citizen reported that the reviews for the event were "mostly positive" and the next Nature Nocturne is scheduled for February 22nd.

*Read this: Vice, the website that is not afraid of ruffling feathers and stirring up controversy globally, had a comical but overall negative take on the whole event.

I still like the idea of partying at the Museum of Nature but I'm just waiting for one of the established EDM promoters to step up and host an event there.

(Source: Ottawa Citizen, VICE)

The end of DNA Presents Saturday shows at Barrymore's

DNA Presents released this statement on their site (VIA @likeanerdd) a few hours ago: 

VENUE CHANGE: Due to a scheduling conflict with Barrymore's starting their own weekly retro night on Saturdays we have been informed by management that all DNA Presents Saturday shows including Thomas Gold will not be able to be accommodated at the venue. Therefore, we are moving the show to LS Live. All tickets that were purchased for the show at Barrymore's will be honoured at LS Live.

We as fans are not privy to the confidential negotiations that occurred between DNA Presents and Barrymore's so we may never know the true reason behind this decision.

But what I have noticed over the past month prior to this announcement was that many top events such as Hardwell and Excision were already being shifted to LS Live where once you might assume that Barrymore's would have been the obvious choice. 

What I do know is that there remains a significant opportunity for someone out there to invest in a club made specifically for EDM events in Ottawa. Toronto has recently seen the opening of brand new clubs such as Uniun, Moskito, Cinema, and the Aria Complex. Montreal is now home to potentially one of the best venues for EDM in North America with the New City Gas. Even in Vancouver I see the established club Celebrities has responded to the increased competition and decided to remodel and will soon relaunch with a new Funktion One sound system.

Hopefully one day Ottawa will follow suit.

The Museum of Nature - A Potential New EDM Venue?

Ottawa Citizen recently posted an article about a new monthly dance party taking place at the Museum of Nature hosted by DJ TDot starting on January 25th:

The parties will span four galleries and feature a DJ, multimedia exhibits and art installations. For now, the bird gallery will be closed, but if enough people show up, Kilian said that could change.

The idea of dancing amongst the exhibits at the Museum of Nature is pretty exciting. I would love to see a proper EDM night at the Museum of Nature. Who's with me?

For more info on the event for Jan 25th please click here.

(Source: Ottawa Citizen VIA @couchassassin)