Good morning EDM Ottawa viewers, welcome to my new site!

After starting up EDM Ottawa 8 months ago with a non-existent marketing budget, the site has been visited over 30,000 times with nearly 11,000 unique visitors. 

This morning you are seeing for the first time my vision to transform the EDM Ottawa site by integrating it into an overall national framework comprising of 7 other major Canadian cities. To read more about this you can check out my first post on my main blog area.

So what will this mean for EDM Ottawa? The Ottawa blog will remain here but focus purely on anything interesting and relevant to the Ottawa scene while the 'Ottawa Calendar' section will still remain and be an excellent listing of all of the latest EDM events in the National Capital Region. The only change is that  all of the EDM news, opinions, Canadian tour news and music features will be found in the main blog area.

I'm really happy with the new site and I sincerely hope that you will be too.