Nick Vachon found in Aruba

Nick Vachon was caught in Aruba and appeared in court in Ottawa today to be formally charged with theft over $5,000 and possession over $5,000. According to the Ottawa Sun the Aruban police picked up Nick Vachon on August 6th in "Oranjestad, on the western side of the tiny island that sits just north of Venezuela." He was brought back to Ottawa on Tuesday "with the assitance of the RCMP Air Services Unit."

I have two questions:

  • Is there any money left? I hope DNA Presents gets almost every penny back from the theft.
  • Why would the co-founder of DNA Presents and Bijou nightclub allegedly steal in the first place?

(Source: Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen)

I'm glad this is finally over and that we can all go back to the music.


  • Nick Vachon flew on a private jet direct from Montreal to Aruba using the stolen funds.
  • A "significant" amount of money was recovered. No official number has been released yet.
  • Nick Vachon spent 6 days in an Aruban jail. Has been very cooperative with the authorities since. 
  • DNA Presents had to lay off staff and slash operation costs since the theft. 
  • Nick Vachon may have stolen more money from the Bijou Nightclub. Accountants are still reviewing the books. 

(Sources: Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun)

I'll continue to update this page as I receive more information.