Rumour: Dada Life and Chris Lake coming to Ottawa this Fall?

Dada Life announced their massive North American tour yesterday and it currently shows a Sept 22nd event date for Ottawa:

It shows Ottawa as 'Ottawa, QC'. Could it be a typo or did they really mean a Montreal date and not Ottawa? We'll find out soon enough.

Update: Looks like they noticed their mistake and has now changed the QC to ON. Good news.

(Source: Facebook)


It looks like the LOUD event series at Mansion is gearing up for a big season as Chris Lake seems to be the next big announcement from the Bydek Group. The October 5th event is already posted on Want Tickets site. Chris Lake is no stranger to the Ottawa scene as he's already appeared in Ottawa twice in the past year and most recently played at the Veld Festival in Toronto and later at an after party at the Guv.

(Source: Want Tickets)