Gareth Emery pulls out of Global Gathering UK and causes a PR storm

Gareth Emery's management team has decided to pull Gareth Emery out of the upcoming Global Gathering festival in the UK due to a billing conflict. Apparently the conflict was between Global Gathering and Ferry Corsten/Gareth Emery as to who would receive second billing on the 'Godskitchen' stage. When the compromised solution was not agreed upon it was Gareth Emery's team that decided to pull out Gareth from the festival entirely when their demands were not met.

What makes this a public relations problem for Gareth is because Ferry Corsten's team was also affected by the same billing issue but according to Global Gathering they were willing to compromise in the interest of the fans:

We would also like to further point out that the same billing issue was also true of Ferry Corsten's management, who have acted completely professionally throughout this problem and have offered up solutions in the interest of his fans.

You can read the official Global Gathering Press Release here via Trance Addict Forums.

Here's Gareth Emery's management press release.

And finally here's Gareth Emery himself explaining his side of the story.