First Impressions of Bluesfest

I wasn't sure what to expect at this year's Bluesfest with these new RFID bracelets and having major DJs headlining the event but after having experienced the first night all of my uncertainties were put aside as it couldn't have gone off any better.

RFID Bracelets

Not a problem at all. The bracelets are adjustable and you can easily take it off after the festivities. The first time I had seen RFID bracelets was at the Electric Zoo in NYC last year and have found them very convenient to use as you simply put your bracelet next to the shoulder height scanner, wait until it beeps, and in you go. No fuss. Getting into Bluesfest last night couldn't have been any easier.


Great selection of food options ranging from Carribbean, Greek, Mexican and of course the amazing burgers from the Works. Last night I had their burger with BBQ sauce and caramelized onions ($9) and it was solid. Their BBQ sauce is a little sweet for my taste so I'm going with the one only with cheese for next time ($8). The Works $4.50 sweet potato fries with that special dip is a real winner though, highly recommended.

I also drank some $4 lemonade - kinda wished that it was a little less expensive but had enjoyed it nonetheless. I shouldn't forget the classic beavertails as I had the one with the cinnamon for $4 and that put into a total sugar frenzy which was perfect for the madness that occurred in the first few rows of the Tiesto set.


I didn't go for a VIP ticket this time around but I saw enough of the set up to put in my two cents. The VIP area closest to the main stage (I believe it's the Metropolitain Gold Circle Area) appears to offer a really good viewing area and you have plenty of room to dance. For those that enjoy EDM without having water splashed in your face every 5 minutes it's a good alternative to consider if you have the extra cash.

Tonight I'll be back to watch Paul Oakenfold at the Electro Stage - can't wait!