$600k went missing from Escapade Music Festival while co-founder disappears

From the Ottawa Citizen:

Police are expected to issue a warrant Wednesday for Nick Vachon, 26, one of the founding partners of DNA Presents, the company that staged the two-day festival. Vachon has not been seen or heard from since early Monday morning, when the proceeds from the festival’s ticket sales were discovered missing.

A safe at festival venue Ottawa Stadium was found empty early that morning by some of the other DNA partners. It is believed that more than $600,000 is missing.

...... What is there to say with news like this? This is a huge blow to DNA Presents and the entire EDM community as a whole.

“This just crushed us, we can’t believe it. We had such a great event and now this happened. I don’t even know how to cope with it right now,” said O'Farrell.

One of the first questions in my head is: Have all the DJs and everyone connected to this event been paid? I really hope so.

This is sad news. I'll keep you guys updated as I'm sure this is not the end of the story.

(Source: Ottawa Citizen)