Getting to know The M Machine

After playing a very memorable set a few weeks ago at Barrymore's as part of the Language Tour, The M Machine have been active on the interwebs starting with this interview by Purevolume.

The M Machine also did a AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the EDM Production subreddit on Reddit which is a must read for all aspiring producers:

I think there is always going to be a lot of producers just trying to do what's "in" at the moment, mimicking the top dudes, which is obviously not very conducive to making a name for yourself. That said, there are a lot of producers right now that absolutely have created something unique. Just to name a few: gesaffelstein, koan sound, siriusmo, and bingo players all have their own unique sound. We try to create music that we feel is honest and musical. We put a lot of emphasis on melody and harmony, and basically writing a song, not just another club track that will be forgotten in 3 months.

They say a lot more so check it out over at Reddit.