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Mat Zo has caused quite a stir on Twitter this morning when he made a few disparaging comments about the Trance genre:

Even thinking the word trance makes my brain melt and drip out my nose

Mat Zo and Cosmic Gate will be opening for Above & Beyond on their Group Therapy Tour when it stops in Chicago on May 12th. The possibility of a few awkward conversations arising backstage are quite high.


The New Yorker published a nice farewell article to Adam Yauch, RIP.


Flux Pavilion did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, Here's my favourite quote:

What even is Brostep? The only time ive ever seen what I thought were 'Bros' was in Miami and it was spring break.. I see people from all walks of life at shows, its actually quite  surprising sometimes, seeing a full on goth and a pilled up raver and a hippie stoner all dancing within a few inches of each.

2528 comments were posted in the thread, impressive.


The Lessthan3 site wrote up a good review on Arnej's 'true lies' which is my favourite trance track at the moment


The Escapade Music Festival released their daily lineup schedule today. You can check out the June 30th lineup here, and the July 1st date lineup here.