Changes made to the Coldharbour Night this Friday at Circus Afterhours

Note: Unfortunately KhoMha and Mr. Pit will not be able to attend this event due to some issues that were outside the control of Circus Afterhours and Coldharbour Records. Please check out Circus' facebook page for the official statement. Fortunately Grube & Hovsepian and Basil O'Glue have swooped in to replacement them while Arnej promised on Twitter to deliver a 4 hour set.

Here's another funny clip that shows the strange circumstances that led Grube and Hovsepian to be signed to Coldharbour Records:

Location: Circus Afterhours, 917 Ste-Catherine E., Montreal, QC, H2L 2E5

Time: 2:00 am - 11:00 am

Tickets: $25 + $3.25 Service Charge at Want Tickets.