Swanky Tunes: Smaller Crowds, Huge Energy!

Two nights ago a select group of EDM lovers decended upon Barrymore's to experience a special night that was brought to you by two of the three super crazy and energetic trio called Swanky Tunes. These Russians never let up the entire night as you could see them both pump the crowd up and themselves with a certain energy that the crowd had almost no choice but to follow along and just go mad wild. Throughout their two and a half hour performance never did I see a let up of the energy in the dance floor (aka the constant trampoline) because if these Russians didn't quit, neither would we.

The music played through the first hour was good but their selection in the second hour really took it to the next level in a big way. Some notables included:

R3hab & Swanky Tunes ft. Max C. - Sending My Love (Original Mix)

Here's a nice mashup of one of the hottest tracks out there right now, Quasar by Hard Rock Sofa:

Dirty South & Daft Punk & Hard Rock Sofa - Coming Home to Aerodynamic Quasa (Zhand Reboot):

No set is complete with Dada Life - Kick out the Epic Motherf**ker:

Showing lots of love to the crowd

For the people that skipped this one I think you missed out on a really excellent set by Swanky Tunes because they definitely brought the fun to Ottawa that night.